29 May 2012

29 May 1944

Biggoted. Ship sealed after a conference with the Captain in which he outlined our function during the coming invasion. Subsequent to this briefing all hands will stay aboard as the utmost security must be maintained.

19 May 2012

Message From the Admin: Time Gap

Hey lovelies,

While the fleet prepares for invasion, there isn't much to write about. Next post is on 29 May, just before they sail for Normandy.


The Granddaughter

19 May 1944

Formed at divisional parade today -- inspected by General Eisenhower, Admiral Kirk, and his staff. “Ike” is a very personable gentleman and was most gracious to us all. Hope to get copies of some of the pictures taken at that time.

From left to right: General Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. Army; Admiral Alan G. Kirk, USN; Admiral Morton L. Deyo, USN

Image courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command

17 May 2012

17 May 1944

From Greenoch to Bangor and Belfast, Ireland. The “Emerald Isle” disclosed all of her beauties in a long walk along the coastline from Bangor to the Crawfordsborn Inn (circa 1540) where we had a delightful tea in the company of Captain Willkie of the British Army (Artillery) and the Padre. Another “sober Sunday,” but a most enjoyable day.

If you're not familiar with UK geography, here are some maps to give you a little context. I couldn't find an inn called the Crawfordsborn Inn, but The Old Inn sounded close, and was an appropriate distance to walk to from the Bangor Marina (I approximated it 2.4-3.0 miles each direction). Hopefully I'll be able to come back later with Photoshop and touch-up these puppies.

Point A: Greenoch [sic]; Belfast/Bangor is in the lower left

Bangor Marina on the far upper-right; Point A: The Old Inn, Crawfordsborn [sic]

14 May 2012

14 May 1944

By bus to Bulloch and Loch Lomond via the “low road.” Spent most of the afternoon on the Loch in the company of those three irrepressible Irishmen, McCallion, Kennedy, and Radley. Again we had tea -- this time on the opposite shore of the Loch with three young ladies from Glasgow. Back home again via Glasgow -- which is a good city to pass through -- but not to stay in.

11 May 2012

Message from the Admin: Pretty Pictures!

Hello lovelies,

I've got a beta version of a photo gallery up - a better version (with more pictures) will be forthcoming.

Three days until the next post!


The Granddaughter

02 May 2012

Message From the Admin: Still Setting the Scene

Hello, everyone (or no one)!

When you read the 27 April post, you probably noticed it was written around 7 May. And since I know you're waiting on pins and needles for the next installment, I'll tell you that it's scheduled for May 14th. I'm very sorry, but it's not my fault.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get off my rump and scan some pictures from the Diary. Maybe even create a gallery page on this here blog. To break the monotony of nothingness and words.

Anyway...I hope everyone's May is off to a swinging start. Keep on keeping on, and all that.

The Granddaughter