Guide to Abbreviations and Nicknames

Because these entries were made in real-time, often as battle raged above deck, my grandfather uses various abbreviations and nicknames in his entries. This is a quick guide he provides in his diary; once the invasion begins, it becomes a vital reference.

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G.Q.: General Quarters:- Each man aboard assigned a battle station (G.Q. station). Introduced by boatswain’s whistle, bugle and gong. Zebra set in about 60 seconds.
Zebra: Condition Z or Zeb. All water tight doors closed, all water supplies and drainage secured, all air conditioning secured.
Modified Zebra -- Yoke-Easy:- Water tight doors may be opened, some water supplies turned on, air conditioning reestablished.
C.P.O Quarters: Chief Petty Officers’ Quarters. The station actually is in the C.P.O. Wardroom and dining room located in the after part of the ship, two compartments forward of the stern. Contains a small galley, storeroom, 40 mm ammunition clipping room, two long dining tables, chairs, radio, and two couches secured to the port bulkhead. Our medical supplies are contained in two cabinets located on the port side outboard and we use the outboard ends of the two dining tables for operating and instrument tables. Beside a medical party of five, there is a repair crew of nine and an ammunition crew (40 mm) of ten. We all eat, sleep, and live together as we can during G.Q. I am the S.O.P. and thus responsible for the whole station. We have a good crew of men, and should fare well in an emergency.
Patty Duffy: A rebile Irishman (alias Lieut. Comdr. Taylor, Supply Officer), bridge commutation and correlator of feeding. His job is to keep us below decks more or less in touch with the progress of the battle. Carries out the assignment with a maximum of understatement and dry wit.
Medical Organization for Battle:
(1) Ward Room: S.M.O and three corpsmen.
(2) Captain’s Cabin: One corpsman.
(3) Bridge: One corpsman (Chief).
(4) Gun Deck: Two corpsmen.
(5) Hangar, Boat Deck, Main Deck Aft: Two corpsmen.
(6) Forward Repair: One corpsman; Midship Repair: Two corpsmen; After Repair: One corpsman.
(7) C.P.O. Quarters: J.M.O., Chief, and three corpsmen.
(8) Sick Bay: D.O. and two corpsmen.

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