06 October 2013

14 August 1944

1030. Tomorrow at 0215 we go in against the Southern coast of France. We are proceeding north-west at the moment in the company of a good sized task force -- consisting of three battle wagons -- the now famous “old ladies” (NEVADA, ARKANSAS, TEXAS), four American heavy cruisers, three British light cruisers, two French light cruisers, and sixteen destroyers. H-Hour is at 0800 but we are prepared to begin firing any time after 0300. We will be employing both main and secondary batteries with anti-aircraft fire ad lib. We will work both with air-spots and with our shore fire control party. Our main objective is the GREEN BEACH in which we will support American assault forces. The enemy has considerable amount of shore-based artillery bearing upon us -- and eight known radar stations. Her air-power is of an unknown quantity -- although there are a reported 145 JU 88’s and Dourniers in the area. All preparations have been made for gas attack.

Had an organization meeting with the boys this morning and at 1200 today we will be ready. Medical cases will present a considerable problem -- especially this dysentery. Total of 12 patients in Sick Bay at the moment. More later from C.P.O. Quarters.

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