17 May 2012

17 May 1944

From Greenoch to Bangor and Belfast, Ireland. The “Emerald Isle” disclosed all of her beauties in a long walk along the coastline from Bangor to the Crawfordsborn Inn (circa 1540) where we had a delightful tea in the company of Captain Willkie of the British Army (Artillery) and the Padre. Another “sober Sunday,” but a most enjoyable day.

If you're not familiar with UK geography, here are some maps to give you a little context. I couldn't find an inn called the Crawfordsborn Inn, but The Old Inn sounded close, and was an appropriate distance to walk to from the Bangor Marina (I approximated it 2.4-3.0 miles each direction). Hopefully I'll be able to come back later with Photoshop and touch-up these puppies.

Point A: Greenoch [sic]; Belfast/Bangor is in the lower left

Bangor Marina on the far upper-right; Point A: The Old Inn, Crawfordsborn [sic]

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