10 June 2012

10 June 1944

D + 4

1045:- Finished directives on casualty and fatality handling. All survivors transferred to beach at 0300 this morning. Arrived in Plymouth, England, at 0230 -- here to reload and return to France.
2400:- Quiet day -- department preparing for return to battle front. Received 100 units (500 cc) plasma aboard. (Making an equivalent of 300 cc (250 cc) units. Feel much better now about this problem. Had a meeting with the boys at 2000 discussing our strength and weakness as brought out by the activity of the past few days. On the whole the boys did extremely well -- and at the moment we are better organized than before, both as to medical and administrative handling of cases. Received two V-mail letters from Jane -- very welcome -- written 2 June -- four days before the invasion. Scuttlebutt has it that we have been twice reported sunk -- and that the report has been published in the U.S. Hope this isn’t true -- but it may be as we were allowed to unseal the ship and send letters ashore late tonight.

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