08 June 2012

8 June 1944

6/8/44          D + 2

0300:- Survivors arrived on board from U.S.S. MEREDITH (DD726). Ship probably struck a mine -- initial explosion in after fire room -- secondary explosion of the 20 mm magazine. Nine men injured brought aboard and 127 non-injured. Three severe burns (Mycue, Hastings, Harsar), 1st and 2nd degree involving face, arms, back, chest and legs. Massive doses of plasma administered to all burned patients -- sulfathiazole gauze dressings reinforced. Mycue in severe shock on arrival. Despite vigorous therapy, patient expired at 0550. Hastings, Ensign -- uninjured at the time of initial explosion, went below to rescue his men -- was able to get Mycue out of fire room, sustaining severe burns in the process. Carey sustained a large hematoma over the lower thoracic and upper lumbar vertebrae. No indication of nerve damage. Dibble, who was thrown from the torpedo mount, sustained compound fractures lower third and upper third right tibia with posterior disintegration of knee joint. Simple fracture upper third of right femur and midshaft right humerus. Compound fracture with posterior deformity left knee joint. Given three units of plasma, M.S., 500 cc of fresh blood, and prepared for surgery. Losing blood freely from undisclosed source. (Impossible to move patient adequately because of degree of injury.) With a systolic BP of 90 and under local anesthetic the right leg was removed at the upper third of the femur (guillotine method.). Three more units of plasma given during surgery. Operation without hemorrhage -- but soon after the removal of the tourniquet the patient expired. (1200)

2400:- Rest of the day devoted to treatment of rest of casualties and the administration of plasma to Hastings and Harsar. Went to transport BAYVILLE and picked up 12 units (500 cc) of plasma from Dr Branne. They had 46 casualties earlier in the day but had since transferred them. Returned after dark with ships firing all about us -- and bombers blasting over the beach -- glad to get back to the old CA-37. G.Q. from 2430 to 0300 -- enemy aircraft contact.

Wreck of the USS Meredith (DD 726)

Image courtesy National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors

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