07 September 2013

13 August 1944

Another hiatus in our narrative -- this time of considerable proportions. For one thing the medical department has been really busy these past few days -- although I must confess to a few liberties. (Swimming at Mondello). Hitting the high spots, we have:

8/9 - All hell broke loose in the sick bay this evening. Two enteritis cases with high temperatures, one boy with a red-hot belly and a low WBC (Brooking), two drunks, one with a lacerated wrist (belligerent) and the other with a rum-belly (hysterical). Finally turned in about 0100.

8/10 - Attended a medical conference today (1000-1200) aboard the BROOKLYN -- about 30 M.O.’s present, including Mike Dean (Tufts Med ’43, who is on the KENDRICK). I discoursed for a few moments on dysentery -- with that exception it was an excellent meeting. Met Mike at 1400 this afternoon -- went out to Mondello for a terrific game of touch football from which some crawled away -- a good swim, and an evening of rather sustained drinking. First time I had let down the bars since 3 July in Bangor. Had a hell of a good time all around.

8/11 - Routine day -- busy all day long (which makes the day somewhat more than routine.) Mike came over for dinner and the movie tonight. Turned in by 2400.

8/12 Another busy day -- with a nightmare in the Sick Bay to finish off with. The usual two enteritis cases (most of which are Shigella dysentery, I think -- but as I have no cultures I can’t prove it.) with high temperatures requiring IV’s. About 2100 one of the marines returning from liberty fell off the prow onto the mole -- doing a one and a half -- landing squarely on his head. Rather a frisky evening patching him up -- X-rays, B.P., etc. A damn lucky and a damn tough marine. No fracture, rapid recovery. In bed by 0100.

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