01 September 2013

29 July 1944

Considerable of a hiatus in our story here. In the meantime Don and I paid one more visit to Mondello Beach (7/22) and visited again with the Brancaleone family. This time our conversation was a bit more adequate and we spent a very pleasant pair of hours in their garden. On Sunday, 7/23, we put out for drill, and Sunday PM I took to my bed with the creeping crud. Diarrhea and abdominal cramps with temp of 101-102° all day Monday. N and V with temp of 104° added Tuesday. Tuesday evening during a second IV I had a pyrogenic reaction with shaking chills, temp up to 108° axillary (109° p.o.) and coma. They brought me back with ice packs and ice enemas, but I was pretty woozy all the next day. Up and around yesterday and today -- still only about 50% present. Dysentery epidemic abating.

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