17 August 2013

10 July 1944

D + 34

Passed through the Straits of Gibraltar this morning at 0300 into the Mediterranean. Just come below from topsides. Not a cloud in the sky -- far away on the starboard side nearly hidden in the mist is the coast of North Africa -- on the port side the coast of southern Spain. The water appears to be no bluer than we have been experiencing throughout the past few days. The temperature (at sea) is delightful -- reminiscent of a hot summer’s day on the Cape.

Spent the morning completing the typhus innoculations [sic], inspecting the living compartments, and holding sick call. Department is working with a good degree of efficiency and excellent spirit. We will lose one of our chiefs today (Kirk) when we anchor in Oran, Algeria, North Africa at or about 1830 tonight. Days like this are indeed some compensation for being away from home and medicine.

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