15 August 2013

8 July 1944

D + 32

Some talk of renaming the U.S.S. TUSCALOOSA. After 1600 today around 1/3 of the officers were out on the Com deck basking in the sun, throwing around the medicine ball and boxing. I threw the medicine ball sufficiently to give myself a sore shoulder and took on the first blush of health. It is grand to get some sun after such a long time without it. Otherwise it was a fairly busy day. We found a hot-bed of scabies in the Charlie Div. Living compartment and spent most of the morning and 1800 sick call cleaning it out. The rest of the morning was devoted to catching hell for running a sloppy ship and afternoon in emergency drills etc. The weather is indescribably beautiful and the ship is as steady as a country lane beneath your feet. We turned due east at 1915 this evening and are due to pass the “rock” at about 0500 tomorrow night. From there up to Oran for a few days, perhaps, and then to Palermo, Sicily. Quite a cruise for a landlubber -- what with the invasion, Cherbourg, and all.

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