13 August 2013

6 July 1944

D + 30

2030:- Routine day. Progressing south at a sure course of 180°. Shipping with us now are the AUGUSTA and two other transports. We picked them up at about 1530. The ships are running a wet course today, rolling from side to side in a pretty hard sea. Wonder of wonders I have gained my sealegs -- early this time -- the second day of weather. The sea is a deep purple today, the sky more or less overcast. I have not seen any kind of marine life of note, although people all about me on the weather decks are alway seeing flying fish and things. We are off the Bay of Biscay at the present writing. Message from the ELLISON reports a case of acute appendicitis -- hope the doc can quiet him down with sulfa. It would be hell to transfer him in this kind of weather.

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