18 August 2013

11 July 1944

Oran, Algeria.

Busy as all get out this AM culminating in a dorsal slit on a poor unfortunate with a large indurated ulcer on the penis. (Inner prepucial surface). Left at 1300 for Oran -- being driven there by a Navy “taxi” (a truck with seats). We walked around for about an hour -- interesting to see the natives in t heir fantastic garb, but the overall impression was one of filth and squalor. The place had an unhealthy smell -- you felt that if you took a deep breath the resulting impression on the hippocampus gyrus would be most unpleasant. Returned in due course to the officers’ beach -- very beautiful -- water was wonderful, and the sun the same. Met Dr. McNamara (FITCH) in Oran -- and we ran into Ralph Myerson (Tufts Med, ’42) at the beach. After two or three dips we went up to the officers club -- Murphy’s, no less -- where we met about 14 officers from the CA-37. Had a couple of triple secs, and then returned to the ship for late chow and the movie - (“Cover Girl” -- rugged duty for a lonesome sailor.) The ship’s company got rather fouled up on liberty yesterday -- what with too much sun and too much beer, and we had plenty of business during the evening. Beginning at 2230 and ending at 0500 we had four calls to G.Q. -- the defense forces were igniting Z CL powder to form a smoke screen over us, and the HCL fumes plus the heat plus the lack of sleep made for a rather rugged night of it.

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