20 July 2013

13 June 1944

D + 7

1300:- Quiet day thus far. Allied forces kept up a constant and terrific bombing of the invasion coast last night concentrating on Valognes in this sector. Carentens fell into allied hands yesterday as the progress acros the base of the Cherbourg peninsula continues. News is scarce here -- we get most of our information from the BBC, despite the fact that the news is being created in sight of our directives. Windy topside -- sufficiently so as to interfere with landing operations. Medical department work merely routine -- more watchful waiting. Health of the crew excellent so far, and morale likewise.

2300:- Brings the end of another day. Rather heavy sick call tonight -- turned in three (two CFA’s, one early pneumonitis). Nothing serious. Spent the evening walking with the chaplain, talking with our second case of combat fatigue, and adding a few words to a letter to Jane. All is quiet outside -- 40 mm and 5” guns manned for the night. Lights out -- heading for the sack.

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