24 July 2013

17 June 1944

D + 11

0130:- Secure from G.Q. Poor flying weather because of low ceiling.

1430:- Routine this A.M. Clear and windy day. Quarters for muster at 1315 -- holding general field day throughout the ship this afternoon. Some promise of more activity next week sometime. (Probably an offensive against Cherbourg -- as the Army is already maneuvering into position. This should be quite a 
show -- as the city is well defended.) Will go to G.Q. again tonight to await our beloved playmates.

2240:- At G.Q. Standing off just out of sight of land. Sea calm, weather clear. Visibility unlimited. This is the night of nights for bombing attacks. Spent some time in the shack where bombing and artillery operations are controlled under the command of Col Campbell, U.S.A. (Who, incidentally, is my roommate. Very fine chap, -- thoroughly competent.) Shore operations going very well. We hope to cut completely across the base of the Cherbourg peninsula with our advanced units tonight. The Germans have already started their demolition of Cherbourg and it is rumored that the personnel evacuation has already begun. We will carry out a frontal attack of shore based artillery in support of the Army in the very near future.

Fifteen sacks of mail aboard tonight. Several morale boosters probably on their way right now, Grass Gott!

2250:- Waiting now.

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