28 July 2013

21 June 1944

D + 15

0200:- At G.Q. We came over late this afternoon to the Omaha area. Quite a sight. In the first place there was a heavy sea running, green and turbulent with long rollers. We pitched and tossed as it in the mid-North Atlantic en route from our anchorage. We passed through and became a part of that large concentration of ships that I have described before as lying east of our regular anchorage. As we came through we passed quite close to shore winding in and out through the thickest concentration of ships I have ever seen. Just off the beach could be seen a long line of closely packed ships forming a sort of breakwater. This is the Mulberry Harbor of the D-Day plan -- and was taking a terrible beating today from the pounding surf. The extremely high wind caused the barrage balloons to dance about like creatures possessed and not a few broke loose to disappear into the blue.

We came over ostensively to have a conference with Admiral Kirk aboard the AUGUSTA. About 2200 we moved out somewhat from the beach and at 2300 went to bed with an ear cocked for the boatswain’s whistle -- which did not keep us waiting long. This area represents the spot referred to on previous nights as “heavy A.A. fire seen from the beach” and we should have some sort of a show tonight. All is quiet at the moment.

0230:- Feeled heavily drugged with sleep.

0235:- Set modified Zebra. Incidentally our troops are reported four miles south of Cherbourg today. No official word from the operations shack -- this is radio report.

0245:- Secure from G.Q.

1430:- Routine sick call this morning. Weather still remains rough with large ground swells -- sufficient to interfere with all landing activity. Up on deck this morning watching a small patrol craft coming alongside. She was pitching and rolling until it seemed as if she could no longer stay afloat. At times only her radar was visible atop the mainmast. One’s stomach would of necessity have to be more stable than mine to serve any such duty as that. Busy this afternoon on a comprehensive medical report for the Fleet News Letter.

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