31 July 2013

23 June 1944

D + 17                           Portland

1300:- Routine sick call this AM. One minor surgical procedure -- very pretty little foreign body granuloma in the lateral aspect of the fat pad of the thumb. Wrote a short note to Jane. Visited for a few moments with another destroyer M.O. -- friend of Dr. Mitchell. Am about to turn to on the medical report and some other paper work. Quiet day -- considerable gold braid aboard -- couple of admirals -- seven captains.

0200:- Just returned from a wild goose chase. One of the merchantmen out in the harbor the other side of the breakwater flashed in a medical emergency (D.U.Appendicitis) and after an hour spent opening gates, studying mine fields, and informing everyone that we were on our way so that we wouldn’t be shot at, we started off. In a LSVP we had passed through the gate and were half way to the GEORGE A. CUSTER when we were recalled -- another boat had been sent out from Weymouth. Never did find out what the dope was.

Earlier this evening Dr. Whitehouse from the BARTON came across with a bad thumb - felon with complications. Under novocaine anaesthesia we unsuccessfully attempted to find a localized abscess. A sorry looking mess -- may have further manifestations.

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