26 July 2013

19 June 1944

D + 13

0030:- Quiet.

0100:- Plane just overhead. Getting sleepy.

0130:- Secure from G.Q.

2230:- G.Q. This has been a quiet day. Regular northeaster blowing topside. Rain and rollers -- making the ship roll as if we were in mid-Atlantic. (And the rolling marks my appetite going -- just the edge, mind you -- still plenty of room left for three square meals a day.)

Report from the front brings us 21,000 yards from Cherbourg on the west coast. The Germans have evidently removed the casements from some of their large guns so as to be able to shoot inland. To go in the front door after them would be second grade suicide -- but we may have to do just that before 
Cherbourg falls.

Found out today by incidental questioning that Col. Campbell graduated from West Point in the same class with Jack (Pouffie) Connor. Wager that Jack is no Lieutenant Colonel -- knowing for a short time his capacity to get into trouble. When last heard from he had just been expelled from flight training for flying through a hangar. (That was way back in 1938.)

2310:- Report that enemy planes are bombing the beach in rather heavy concentration. (This is fan-tail spotting -- and the facts may very well be that the planes are ours instead of German.)

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