23 July 2013

16 June 1944

D + 10

0030:- Time enough to go topside -- not much activity, a few star shells and flashes of bombing in the distance, just in the sack when back to G.Q. we went. Somewhat more activity this trip, but nothing landed really close.

0145:- Secured from G.Q.

1000:- Routine day. Just trying for a short nap. Am reading Hans Zinnser’s “Rats, Lice and History.” Excellent.

2015:- Going to G.Q. at about 2215 tonight.

2215:- At G.Q. Listening to some fairly good stuff on the radio (Bing Crosby, Fred Allen, Jimmy Durante.)

2400:- Some activity along the beach. Germans have dropped some lighted markers lining up the transport. P.T. boats recovering and extinguishing same. Occasional plane overhead -- no near misses tonight. The distant sound (and feeling) of bombs dropping is evident at widely spaced intervals.

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