27 July 2013

20 June 1944

D + 14

0030:- Secure from G.Q.

1350:- Return to G.Q. Enemy planes overhead. Considerable bombing on the beach as we lay just off shore of the front line between allied and German forces before Cherbourg. No bombing activity as yet (0430) against our ships. For a change we are not the target for tonight. The invasion is now two weeks old. The fall of Cherbourg may be anticipated within the next few days -- although it will be a difficult objective to carry. Whether the Navy will be called on to take a more vigorous part in its conquest remains to be seen. We are not particularly happy over our blatant inactivity of the last few days. The Navy is getting a mild inferiority complex -- and that will never do. (Damn this inexcusable lack of ammunition.)

The ship is tossing and turning like a creature possessed at the moment. Scuttlebutt says that we may do some shooting tomorrow.

0530:- Secure from G.Q. Some difficulty in getting to sleep. When finally accomplished it carried me right through breakfast.

0830:- Routine sick call. At work on medical report 1030.

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