21 July 2013

14 June 1944

D + 8

1005:- Routine this AM. H-Div. holding field day. Weather clear, rather gusty with overlaying clouds at the horizon. QUINCY firing an occasional salvo. Other than that there is little activity at present. Montebourg reported in allied hands with fierce fighting concentrated around Caen. Laundry has just returned -- looks good enough to eat after three days in one shirt and seven in one pair of trousers. A little later in the day will take a shower and then appear in all resplendent glory.

2315:- In bed -- five minutes before lights out, when a loud concussion was felt off our starboard bow, followed immediately by G.Q. Had removed socks before retiring for the first time since the invasion began (Damn!) Clothes on in a flash and back here in the C.P.O. headquarters in a good deal less time than it takes to tell about it. It is reported that a rocket bomb, (radar controlled, detonation time 1:57 sec.) landed between us and the ARKANSAS -- 100 yards off the ARKANSAS. Must be rather nasty babies to mess with. Waiting with some degree of expectation for what may be coming next. First excitement since we returned from Plymouth.

2327:- Second concussion slightly farther away -- 800 yards off.

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